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We love golf, we also love helping golfers

 Not only can we inspire you, we can set you on the fairway of personal greatness.  We assist pre and post game, so if you have a competition coming, we can help you achieve your best score yet. 

We know your enjoyment of the game is paramount, we can help you getting back to playing your most enjoyable rounds of golf.  Both independently and alongside  the club professional we can reduce your handicap, and increase the distance you strike the ball.  



Movement and enjoyment come first

Back Pain


Our sports physiotherapy sessions will help you with any injuries from short terms niggles, to longer term problems that have been affecting your game. We not only help you overcome your pain and injury, but also address any imbalances you have to help optimise your performance for the long term.

During our physiotherapy sessions, we will complete a detailed assessment of your injury or movement issue and you as a whole. For treatment, we use a range of manual therapy techniques and will make sure you leave our sessions with a clear plan and programme to get you back to your best.

We offer sessions that can be used before or after you play or as a stand alone session.

Our Discovery sessions over 90 minutes and focus on;

- Initial swing screening

- MA Swing Therapy

- Assessment & treatment 

- Personalised rehab program

- Technical issues referred back to Pro

Our Golf Physio Assessments last 60 minutes and cover:

- Assessment & treatment

- Personalised rehab program

- Technical issues referred back to Pro

Sports Injury


The golf swing is a very athletic and demanding movement where the majority of the muscles in the body are working through either movement or stabilisation. Soft tissue massage can benefit you in many ways:

  • Aid recovery so you are at your best when you’re next at the club.

  • Identify any muscular restrictions or trigger points to help with the fluidity of your golf swing.

  • Improve your overall range of movement in your swing.

  • Reduce stress levels in the build up to a game or tournament and help with sustained mental focus throughout a round of golf or longer session.



On site, at your club, for your convenience.

Golfing Couple