We value our team, their commitment and dedication to the job, our team are the lifeblood of Movement Academy, our program of continual development help them reach their potential



Movement Academy work had to foster a community of likeminded people, both inside the working environment and outside.  We support our local communities and though our performance programs aim to help them enjoy their chosen activity even more


We strive to be authentic with everything we do, the way we deal with people and conduct business. 

To treat as I would be treated

We always consider flip side, and aim to treat people as we would want to be treated

Business can be fun, yet professional 

Making good business decisions, running a successful company, and staying professional is key to our environment, we don’t see why you can’t have fun along the way


Open communication is key, we want to openly communicate meaningfully with our team and clients on a frequent basis


We don’t concentrate on just the here and now, we try to predict what’s around the corner to help us build a sustainable business