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After a spell in corporate banking James ran several startups and service companies. Always with a passion for sports and community James created, built, and sold businesses that bring happiness.  

When your not working: 

You’ll find me with family & friends, either on or off the golf course, or the CrossFit gym. 

Favourite homemade food:

Slow cooker chicken stew. 

Desert Island:

I’d have to take a set of Olympic Weights, my set of golf clubs with unlimited balls, my CD collection. 

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Mike has ran several businesses over the years, particularly focused on rehabilitation in sport and performing at your best. He is a qualified physiotherapist and coach and is passionate about enjoying sport either personally or helping others to do so. 

When not working:

You’ll usually find me being active or doing sport. That might be CrossFit, playing golf, or spending time with friends.

Favourite homemade food:

It has to be a homemade roast dinner. But the secret is the gravy... and plenty of it!

Stranded on a dessert island:

My acoustic guitar

Some sort of knife or blade - I’m thinking cast away here, and didn’t think a football named Wilson would be of much help!

A Polaroid camera with a fair few films. You’re going to have one hell of a story to tell if/when you get off the island.

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Jacqui has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with 10yrs working in 5* sporting resorts across Europe and Asia

When not working: 

You will find me exploring nature trails hunting down insects with my nephew, practicing on the driving range, shopping...for my next holiday!! 

Favourite homemade food: 

This is difficult!! 

(It’s actually the very same as James-not forgetting dumplings!!) 

Asian Salmon, green beans, rice with lots of fresh ginger 

Dessert Island: 

Sunscreen! Goggles! Friends & Family! Chocolate! 

Is there a coconut tree?? A pickaxe just incase